MBNI FreezerNanny

    FreezerNanny is a system that some geeks and weirdos at Molecular & Behavioral Neuroscience Institute, University of Michigan made to monitor our 57 lab freezers and rooms.


    · FreezerNanny uses Wi-Fi, the mostly used wireless technology with well established infrastructure. In comparison, many existing systems use a less popular wireless technology with uncommon devices, such as repeater and receiver demanding special maintenance.


    · FreezerNanny allows user to access our centralized alert system through web without any software setup/maintenance. In contrast, many existing systems require local setup, with special software and dedicated computer.


    · FreezerNanny only needs user to connect a soap-size box to a sensor inside freezer and power source, while many existing commercial systems require trained technicians on-site to setup special wireless network.


    · Freezernanny can scale out to monitor a large number of freezers for many projects across different geographic locations.


    · Cost. Wear a jaw protector before asking for any numbers, please.


    · FreezerNanny is being commercialized at FreezerNanny.com